Gokce Basbug

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  • Why is Regulatory Compliance Difficult? Variable Performance in Environmental, Health, and Safety Management and the Insulation of Economically Resourceful Actors
  • Do Social Networks Lead to Better Job Opportunities? A Within-Job Seeker Analysis (with Emilio Castilla and Ofer Sharone)
  • Young Individuals' School to Work Transition: Examining the Role of Expectations (with Ceyhun Elgin)
  • Job search and employment success predictors: A meta-analytic test of motivation and self-regulation (with Edwin Van Hooft, Connie Wanberg, Ruth Kanfer, and Kammeyer-Mueller, J.)
  • Job search interventions for long-term unemployed: Comparing group and one-on-one coaching with a randomized field experiment (with Ofer Sharone)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology