Gokce Basbug

Recitation Instructor

  • Managerial Psychology

    This is an undergraduate course that introduces students to organization theory. Each week I taught the course recitation which involved both substantive materials of the management literature and hands-on teaching of research methods. I have taught a recitation of this class for four semesters and assisted Prof. John Carroll, Prof. Paul Osterman, and Prof. Andy Yap.

Teaching Assistant

  • Choice Points: Readings on the Exercise of Power & Responsibility

    This course has been in existence in many decades and is one of the most popular courses in the Sloan Fellows Program, a 12-month, full-time Executive MBA program. In this class, drawing from literary classics, students discuss leadership and decision-making issues in management settings. I have served as a Teaching Assistant to Prof. Robert McKersie for two semesters and my responsibilities included reading and commenting on weekly memos and contributing to class discussions.

  • Shaping the Future of Work

    MIT, as one of the founders of edX initiative, is very involved in developing Massive Online Open Courses and making education freely available to everyone across the world. I have served as a Teaching Assistant for 'Shaping the Future of Work' taught by Prof. Thomas Kochan for two semesters and my responsibilities included setting up the course material, communicating with students on the online forum and managing the Social Negotiation Exercise which is one of the core modules of the course. In this exercise, students came together in groups of four in online chat rooms and negotiated over the future of work by playing one of the roles of Education, Government, Union, or Management.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology